What does GameCoast offer for Lineage 2

We provide retail platform: if you're moving from official servers - there's no difference in gameplay. If you value fully developed game with no bugs and problems you'll like it here.

Retail platform widely known as PTS server,
pristine gameplay no different than on official servers

Rates for everything — get more for free forever

Minimal shop
and char boosters
. Fight to win, not pay for it.

Recent start  our game server recently opened, you can catch up.

Играй бесплатно
в обновленную Lineage 2

8 сбалансированных архетипов, две новые расы, аукцион, офлайн-прокачка в тренировочном лагере — все это в современной версии Lineage 2.

Races and classes

7 races and 8 awakening classes with well-designed skills

A familiar set of 5 races is expanded with 2 new ones: Kamael, masters of dark magic and Ertheia, daughters of Sayha, God of Wind. After reaching level 85, each of 37 classes will transfer into one of 8 awakening classes.

5 classic and 2 completely new races:

  • Humans

  • Elves

  • Dark Elves

  • Orcs

  • Dwarfs

  • Kamael

  • Ertheia

8 Awakening Classes:

  • Yul Archer

    Избегает ближнего боя, но очень опасен на больших дистанциях

  • Feoh Wizard

    Наносит мощнейшие магические удары, используя силу стихий

  • Tyrr Warrior

    Последний из Берсерков. Сражается, не зная усталости и боли

  • Othell Rogue

    Не любит схватки лицом к лицу, предпочитая действовать в тылу врага

  • Wynn Summoner

    Открывает порталы в другие измерения и призывает сильнейших слуг

  • Sigel Knight

    Опытный лидер для союзников и сложная цель для врага

  • Iss Enchanter

    Специализируется на защите союзников, легко поднимает боевой дух группы

  • Aeore Healer

    Дарит союзникам жизнь, а врагам — лишь смерть и проклятье

7 рас и 8 основных архетипов

Идеальный баланс 37 классов, сведенных к 8 мощным архетипам, и 2 абсолютно новые расы в обновленной версии Lineage 2.


Faster levelling and Training Camp

Playing the renewed version you will easily jump to the real action! Obtain XP even offline and reach high levels faster

Get to high levels faster

Save your time with the means of Auction House - now you don’t have to be online to sell your items

Take part in group hunting in dungeons to get your precious loot with no competition

Training camp

Send your character to Training camp and obtain XP and SP while you are not in the game

Ускоренная прокачка и Тренировочный лагерь

Нет времени смаковать каждый уровень? Играя в обновленную версию, ты быстро доберешься до всего самого интересного!

Races and classes

Auction House and Alchemy

Dwarves are no longer monopolists — crafting is now available for every race.

Ertheias, newcomers to Elmoreden, have mastered Alchemy — a special ability to create new valuable itemsYou can learn the abilities at Alchemusts NPCs: Zephyra in Faeron and Veruti in Rune

Basic Alchemy that gives you an opportunity to combine any items apart from quest items.

More advanced Alchemy that gives you the power to transmute one item into another

Auction HouseYou don’t have to stay at your computer all the time to sell your items. Register your goods for auction and take your time while your goods are waiting for the highest bid.

Игровой аукцион и Алхимия

Крафти любым классом. Получай новые предметы, используя Алхимию. Легко продавай товар с помощью игрового аукциона!

Clan Wars

More ways to gain power than ever

Ambitious clans are ready to fight their way to glory. Beyond participating in clan wars, they are challenging other dominions in castle sieges for possession of one of the ultimate treasures.

Dungeons for everyone.
Are you a newly formed band or a squad of veterans? Meet a nemesis that is waiting for you in the instanced zones. For a fair reward, if you can deal with it.

Siege rewards.
Are you led by a master tactician or your comrades are a bruiser brigade? As long as your castle is chosen, succeed in defending it in a siege and get an ultimate reward for this.

Межсерверные осады

Участвуй в Осадах Иного Измерения, чтобы доказать свое превосходство не только на сервере, но и далеко за его пределами.

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