Miss the old Lineage?
Play Classic

Lineage 2 Classic offers challenges of the old chronicles to those who dare. Join our worlds now and remember how it all began.

6 races and 34 classes
with fundamentally different abilities

Hard levelling
for those who missed the real hardcore MMO games

Classical trading system
where profit depends directly on your business talents… and on your own warsmith

Exciting clan wars
and castle sieges where personal skill matters

Играй бесплатно
в обновленную Lineage 2

8 сбалансированных архетипов, две новые расы, аукцион, офлайн-прокачка в тренировочном лагере — все это в современной версии Lineage 2.

Races and classes

6 races and 34 unique classes

In Lineage 2 Classic all classes have unique characteristics, racial starting villages and race-exclusive quests.

5 races, each having its own classes:

  • Human

  • Elf

  • Dark Elf

  • Orc

  • Dwarf

  • Kamael

31 classes with fundamentally different abilities:

  • Paladin

    A selfless defender sacrificing himself to heal allies

  • Temple Knight

    A reliable defender of the party endowed with enviable battle sustain

  • Dark Avenger

    A reckless warrior followed by black panther chasing enemies down

  • Silver Ranger

    An gifted master of the bow, famous for his speed and accuracy on low distances

  • Hawkeye

    A tough bow master with lots of health and unrivalled fire distance

  • Plains Walker

    The cloak and dagger of Eva with unrivalled dodging skill

  • Sorcerer

    A classic fire mage delivering the true meaning of hell

  • Elven Elder

    A great healer and buffer able to teleport his group to the nearest town

  • Necromancer

    Maleficent mage rising undead abominations and cursing enemies

  • Swordsinger

    Brave warrior whose inspiring songs increase party’s combat abilities

  • Treasure Hunter

    A seeker of adventures, his speed and toughness guarantee his victim’s death

  • Shillien Knight

    A brave protector who is able to inflict significant damage and curse the enemy

  • Bounty Hunter

    An invaluable warrior plundering additional values from defeated monsters

  • Phantom Ranger

    A deadly archer who can inflict enormous damage at the cost of attack speed

  • Tyrant

    An incredibly tenacious master of fist weapon delivering extremely fast and deadly combo blows

  • Spellhowler

    A powerful mage causing great damage with spells of darkness and wind

  • Destroyer

    The dread of the battleground getting enraged after losing most of health

  • Abyss Walker

    The dark fighter assassinating targets with either deadly or extremely painful strikes

  • Warcryer

    The mage with tribal legacy, whose spells strengthen the whole party

  • Shillien Elder

    Cunning mystic disabling and cursing enemies and supporting allies

  • Overlord

    A spiritual leader able to supercharge at once the whole clan

  • Bladedancer

    A swift dancer with two swords boiling the blood of the allies with his inspiring dances

  • Gladiator

    A master of dual sword fight with enviable endurance and dramatic damage on close and short distances

  • Spellsinger

    Extremely rapid spellcaster, master of water and holy spells

  • Warlord

    A master of spear inflicting damage to multiple targets

  • Phantom Summoner

    A dangerous mystic summoning phantoms to assist him in battle

  • Prophet

    A support mage with a vast arsenal of spells to strengthen allies

  • Elemental Summoner

    A unicorn summoner increasing magical potential of the party or dealing tremendous area damage

  • Warlock

    Battle mage, gaining support from feline creatures

  • Warsmith

    Skilled craftsman creating gear and weapons for himself and other players

  • Bishop

    An expert in healing spells and resurrection, whose presence on the battleground is painful for enemies

7 рас и 8 основных архетипов

Идеальный баланс 37 классов, сведенных к 8 мощным архетипам, и 2 абсолютно новые расы в обновленной версии Lineage 2.


Hard levelling for those who missed the real hardcore

Intense and hardcore levelling in Lineage 2 Classic will make every level a real achievement. Incomparable fun for all the fans of classic hardcore!

All levels, starting from the earliest, are filled with events

Hold defense against the monsters, risking your experience and items whenever you gape in battle

Be ready to risk your equipment and experience in a battle for a spot

Is open PVP and hunting innocent players your favourite source of fun? Get ready to lose valuable equipment if you fail to stand the battle

Ускоренная прокачка и Тренировочный лагерь

Нет времени смаковать каждый уровень? Играя в обновленную версию, ты быстро доберешься до всего самого интересного!

Races and classes

Classical trading system

Economy in Lineage 2 Classic, from taxes to crafting equipment, is fully driven by players. Open market encourages enterprising and offers many ways to earn.

Hunt monsters in open locations for crafting resources. But be wary as you're not the only one who is looking for something to feast on.

Master the classical trading system where profit is directly dependent on your business talents.

Sell your earned resources for Adena and buy items from other players

Level up your own warsmith to craft the most valuable items

Игровой аукцион и Алхимия

Крафти любым классом. Получай новые предметы, используя Алхимию. Легко продавай товар с помощью игрового аукциона!

Clan Wars

Clan wars and castle sieges

Are you willing to win authority and place under the sun of hardcore Elmoreden? Or do you and your friends want to found your own kingdom? Legendary Lineage 2 Clan Wars are waiting for you

Create your own clan or join an existing one

Fight together for rich hunting zones

Get valuable loot from epic bosses and do not let your rivals do it

Межсерверные осады

Участвуй в Осадах Иного Измерения, чтобы доказать свое превосходство не только на сервере, но и далеко за его пределами.